welcome to melbourne skin boutique!

welcome to melbourne skin boutique!

Drinking Chocolate

All-natural organic drinking chocolate. Gluten, soy & dairy free.


‘My order arrived super quickly and the drinking chocolate is so delicious. We are a mostly vegan household so it is perfect and everyone loves it!’ – Megan, Mayde Tea Customer.

Make velvety hot chocolate with this naturally sweetened drinking cacao. High-grade raw cacao powder is used to create this antioxidant-rich blend that is low in sugar and beneficial for circulation. Evaporated coconut nectar and vanilla sweeten the cacao, and a finishing dash of sea salt gently marries the flavours together. Prepare using your preferred milk or add to a smoothie.

Drinking Chocolate is available in:
Amber jar / 33 serves = 388g

Refill pouch / drinking chocolate bulk = 700g *please note this does not come with the full description on packaging, and is intended for refilling your jar only.

raw cacao powder / evaporated coconut nectar / vanilla bean / Celtic sea salt

All ingredients are organic besides the salt.

Gluten, soy and dairy free. Suitable for vegans.

To brew:
Hot: dissolve 2 teaspoons powder in 2 tablespoons of boiling water. fill your cup with hot milk of choice. No need to strain.

Cold: follow step 1, then fill cup with cold milk and ice.

Add a finishing touch to your hot chocolate, iced chocolate or chocolate smoothie with Mayde Tea Chocolate Dust for eye-catching, cafe quality beverages.

A small amount of sediment is normal, due to this being an all-natural product.