Skin & Laser Therapist

Mia is a qualified beauty, dermal and laser therapist obtaining an endless number of qualifications from the reputable ASI in 2019 and our Melbourne Skin Academy in 2020. Gaining experience at other laser clinics after graduation, Mia always knew she wanted to pursue a career at Melbourne Skin after falling in love with all aspects of skin science.

She enjoys treating challenging skin conditions.

Mia’s goal is to expand her knowledge in skin as she continues. She has attended an endless number of courses since graduating from ASI and continues to grow her knowledge in the health and wellness industry. She believes you should treat your skin like a diamond.

With her love for all aspects of skin and beauty, Mia’s goal everyday is to ensure her clients feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin.

Mia is here to approach your case holistically. She will create a personalised treatment plan and at home skin care regime for you to correct the root cause of your skin concerns.

Mia’s calm and angel energy brings serenity and joy to our team and customers.